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  1. Get started fast

    Get access to our 7 Day accelerator course which includes all you need to get results fast.

  2. Track progress

    Track your progress with easy to use charts to visualise your weight and BMI.

  3. Tasty personalised meal plans

    Say no to horrible diet meals with personalised meal plans designed by our nutritionists. Choose from many tasty foods and recipes.

  4. Get expert advice & support

    Our nutritionist, personal trainer and doctor provide guides, tips, meal plans and workouts to help you get the best results.

  5. Keep a food and exercise diary

    Our easy to use food diary helps you keep control of your eating habits and helps you stick to a healthy diet.

  6. Stay motivated & share progress

    Our tools and easy to implement guides will help you stick to your new routine and get results

  • Get Started Fast

    It only takes minutes to get setup with Fitium, and once you're a premium member you'll get access to all our easy to use features to help you reach your weight and fitness goals in no time.


    No books to read - Get Started in minutes

    It takes minutes to get setup and once you're a premium member you'll get access to all you need to get started.

    Logging your weight or exercise activities takes seconds, and we automatically work out your BMI and nutrition requirements based on your diet goal.

    Our meal planner lets you plan meals fast, and automatically provides suggestions hand picked by our team of nutritionists. And it doesn't end there, we have made sure our suggested foods and recipes don't take hours to prepare!


    A 7 Day Accelerator Course to get started now

    To help you get started fast, we have put together an easy to follow mini course, which provides you with a practical approach to weight loss and fitness. This is the same advice our team of nutritionists and personal trainers give their private clients to get lasting results.

    You get a practical nutrition guide featuring current best practice in weight loss, lists of foods to avoid, and how to use Fitium to get the best results.

    And you get a 7 day video workout, featuring 10 minutes a day of practical exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home. No expensive equipment or gym membership needed.

  • Track Progress & Get Results The Easy Way

    Tracking is the best way to take control and start getting results. Fitium lets you get a clear picture of where you are at, your progress, and how to get where you want to be.


    Tracking doesn't have to be a chore

    By tracking what you eat, your weight and which activities you do will help you stick to your plan. Plus you will become more accountable and get results faster.

    Our tracking tool is fast and easy to use, and you can get setup in minutes. In no time you will know exactly what you are putting in your mouth, how you are progressing and make more informed decisions leading to better results.

    And it's not just our members which are getting great results, studies have found that keeping a food diary can double your weight loss efforts!


    Set A Goal & Chart your progress

    Once you start tracking, you can follow your progress using our interactive charts and see how close you are to your target weight and BMI.

    No more guessing what you weighed before, or scribbles on bits of paper lying around. You now have a private place to keep all your measurements.

    Fitium lets you get to your goal weight faster through effective goal setting and easy to read charts to see what progress you are making.

    Plus get your friends involved by sharing your progress with friends and family. You can share your progress graph on facebook, Twitter, by email, on your blog or favourite forum.

  • Your Own Personalised Diet Plan

    Say no to starving, fad diets, horrible diet meal or meal replacement shakes! Fitium lets you build your own personalised diet plan based on your goals.


    Plan healthy & tasty meals the easy way

    Our system builds a personalised diet plan whether your goal is to lose weight, maintain a balanced lifestyle or get the right nutrition to support your workout.

    Based on your personal details you will get nutrition recommendations which are integrated into our unique meal planner featuring hand picked recipes and foods from our team of certified nutritionists.

    You can quickly build meals covering breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. And it's easy to save favourite foods and recipes, as well as copy meals from previous days.

    The result is consistent, long term weight loss, without sacrificing taste and no hunger!


    Have diet or food requirements?

    Our meal planner caters for specific dietary requirements too. Whether you are Vegetarian, are Gluten intolerant, want a low carb, low GI / slow carb, or follow a low fat diet you are covered.

    This means you no longer need to sift through recipe ingredient lists for foods you can eat, our nutritionists do the hard work for you.

    You can say goodbye to nasty diet foods and meal replacement shakes! We feature tasty recipes and foods you can easily prepare at home, and more are added frequently, so you will never get bored come dinner time!

  • Get expert advice and support

    We've been there before, and know how important it is to have support when trying to lose weight and get fitter. With Fitium you are not alone!


    Expert advice to get you results

    Our library features expert practical guides from our team nutritionist, personal trainer and doctor. This is the same advice they give to their clients to help them lose weight, get fitter and live healthier.

    You get access to all our workouts, nutrition guides, diet reviews, fitness tips, and even video workouts designed to help you get in the best shape of your life.

    We also host frequent Q&A sessions where you can send in your questions and have our team provide their feedback.


    Get complete workouts from our trainers

    For those who are starting out, or those already hitting the gym we have created a range of workouts to help you reach your fitness goals.

    Our workouts feature practical exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home, in the hotel whilst travelling or at a gym. No expensive equipment or gym membership needed!

  • Keep a food and exercise diary

    Keep track of what you eat and what activities you do on a daily basis to stay on track and reach your fitness goals


    Take control of what you eat without starving!

    Our meal planner also works as a food diary, enabling you to keep track of what you eat, and see if you are sticking to your nutrition goals.

    Eat something that's not in our meal planner? No worries, you can either search our huge food database, or add a custom meal entry if you ate a ready made meal.

    Our food diary helps you keep control of your eating habits and see how you progress so you can make positive changes to your diet.


    How much activity have you had this week?

    Whether you walked to the office, or spent an hour at the pool, it all adds up to improving your fitness and keeping you trim.

    Our easy to use activity tracker lets you keep track of over 600 different types of activities and works out how many calories you burned in the process.

    Then you can visualise your progress and see how many calories you are burning in a day against your daily food intake. Not only is it addictive but helps you integrate exercise in your day to day without having to hit the gym.

  • Stay motivated & Share Progress

    Being able to stick to your new plan and enjoy the process is the key to results. This is why we have built in lots of ways to help keep you motivated and get results.


    Tip the scales in your favour

    Psychology is half the battle, if you don't have the right mindset it can jeopardise your chances of success even before you start!

    We have been there, and know how difficult it can be to start from the bottom and work your way up! We have therefore developed some practical guides to deal with obstacles you will encounter, and blast through them with solid results! Think of us as your coach, helping you not only reach your diet goals, but start a new healthy lifestyle for life!


    Get your friends and family involved

    With Fitium sharing your progress chart on Facebook, your favourite forum or your own blog is just a few simple clicks away.

    We make it easy to share your progress chart on just about any website, and the best thing is that it updates automatically.

    Research has found that sharing goals with others dramatically increases your chances of success. Plus, you can imagine how good it will feel to show the world your results!

    Not keen on sharing your weight? No problem, we have built in a way of just showing your progress hiding away your actual weight.