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My Diet Planr has been developed with the help of a nutritionist, personal trainer and doctor as a complete system to help you lose weight and get fitter the healthy way.

Check out what you can do with My Diet Planr Today:

Get Results By Tracking What Counts

Our easy to use tracker lets you visualise your progress, and gets you closer to your goal weight and BMI score. Plus track your daily food and exercise too.


No Costly Gym Memberships or Personal Trainers Needed

We have devised fun ways of integrating exercise in your day to day, and even workouts you can do from the comfort of your home.


It's Like Your Own Nutritionist In The Kitchen

Our easy to use meal planner helps you create balanced meals, and features hundreds of delicious foods and recipes hand selected by our nutritionists.


Following A Specific Diet, Or Have Dietary Requirements?

Our meal planner customises your meals based on your needs. Whether you have Gluten intolerance,are vegetarian, or need a low carb ,low GI or low fat diet.


Need Motivation? Get Your Friends Involved

You can easily share your progress charts with friends on Facebook, your favourite forum or on your own blog. Get results and you will love sharing your progress.


Love To Cook? Create Your Own Recipes Too

Save your own recipes in your meal planner, and get detailed nutrition information. Or if you need inspiration, we have hundreds of tasty recipes too.