to live longer and look younger – just add a little exercise

Posted by Fitium Team, 09/08/2012

If you’re getting ready to kick-start a health and fitness program, one of the biggest reasons why you should definitely make sure you have some good physical exercise in place is because of the anti-aging benefits that exercise will provide you.

Many people are fast to take a look at the fat loss and muscle building benefits of exercise but forget about the other factors it will influence as well.

Exercise has so many positive benefits to your health that you definitely do not want to be missing out on what it has to offer.
Let’s take a closer look at three main anti-aging benefits that exercise will provide you with.

Improved Immune Function

The very first reason why a regular exercise plan is going to help reduce the process of aging is because those who engage in regular physical activity tend to have far superior immune systems and thus are able to fight off invading bacteria and viruses much more readily.
If you suffer from a weak immune system, this can speed up the process of aging as you’ll be more susceptible to all the various illnesses that go around.
Maintaining a strong immune function also helps you feel well on a day to day basis so that you can carry out all the activities that you want in your active lifestyle.

Decreased Stress Levels

The second anti-aging benefit that exercise will provide is that it will really help to decrease your overall stress levels so that you’re in a calm and relaxed state.
Each time you engage in physical activity your body is going to release feel good endorphins in the body that help combat stress and tension.
If you lead a very high-stress lifestyle, this can really speed up the process of aging, so this is one major benefit that you’ll reap from a regular workout plan.
Stress will not only wreak havoc on your complexion, but it can also take away from your energy levels and overall positive mindset.

Strong Bone Density

Finally, the last anti-aging benefit that exercise will provide you with is stronger bone density.  As you get older, unless you’re constantly stressing the bones through weight bearing activity, their density and strength will decline.

This could really set you up to experience osteoporosis or other bone-related injuries and influence the quality of life you lead.
Weight training is one of the best forms of bone strengthening exercise that you could do so make sure that you get that into your program plan.  In addition to that, any form of weight bearing cardiovascular activity such as running or walking will also help to strengthen the bones and keep you healthy and in shape.

So there you have the top anti-aging benefits that physical activity will provide.  Remember that you don’t necessarily have to devote hours to the gym each week to reap these benefits either.  Even just 20 minutes a day, three to four days a week can provide clear benefits to your health so get up and get moving.  Every little bit counts!