The Low Carb Diet Plan

Low Carb diets have been around for a while, and carbohydrate limitation has been the foundation of many diets including the Atkins diet, the high protein diet, the Stillman diet, the Hollywood diet, the Zone diet, the Dukan diet and many more..

Low Carb diets take advantage of extensive research which has linked carbohydrate consumption to increased insulin production, which itself is an important fat regulator that dictates whether fat is stored, or burned as fuel1.

Fitium is an online personalised weight loss system which takes advantage of some of the core fundamentals of the Low Carb diet and incorporates these into a complete diet plan tailored to your diet goals.

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Low Carb Diet Video
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A taster of our Low Carb inspired meal plans

Fitium features a wide range of meal plans tailored to your diet needs, that take advantage of nutrient rich whole foods featuring selective carbohydrate limitation for optimal fat burn2.

  • Tasty nutrient rich meals
  • May lower cholesterol2
  • Lower risk of diabetes2

How Does The Low Carb Diet Work?

The idea is to cut out carbohydrate rich foods such as pasta, bread, rice, alcohol, sugar, as well as some vegetables and fruit.

A typical low carb diet therefore includes a higher amount of meat and fat which would resemble more closely what our ancestors would have eaten for thousands of years before the advent of more modern agriculture.

In practice there are different types of low carb diets, from more extreme ketogenic diets where little or no carbohydrates are allowed, to diets containing a higher Protein to carb ratio.

How does Fitium compare?

Fitium takes advantage of some of the principles used in low carb diets, by restricting the right carbohydrates for optimal fat burning. But improves on this approach by designing a diet plan tailored to your diet goal.

This includes:

  • Helping you find the right macronutrient mix so you can lose weight naturally
  • Designing meals that keep you satisfied and cut down on cravings
  • Prioritising foods with high nutrient quality to get important vitamins & minerals
  • Balancing the glycemic response of your meals to avoid spikes in blood sugar levels
  • Optimising meals to promote fat burn rather than fat storage

Finally, Fitium is not just a diet, but a complete weight loss system tailored to your needs, featuring everything you need to start getting results fast.

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