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What is the true cost of FAD diets? [Infographic]

Ever wondered what the TRUE cost of popular fad diets was? The checkout our latest info graphic below.


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How A Positive Attitude Can Help You Achieve your Health and Fitness Goals

Today we have a special guest post from the renowned Dr. Erin K Stair, from the Blooming Wellness practice in New York.
Dr. Erin helps her clients get healthier, fitter and happier through a pioneering approach integrating humor-holistic coaching.

Science has proven that positive thinking can effectively reduce our stress …

The reason why most diets fail [infographic]

Have you ever tried a diet just to find yourself at the same place, or even in worse shape than when you started?
Want to know the top reasons why most typical diets fail? Then check out our infographic below:

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To live longer and look younger – Just add a little exercise

If you’re getting ready to kick-start a health and fitness program, one of the biggest reasons why you should definitely make sure you have some good physical exercise in place is because of the anti-aging benefits that exercise will provide you.

Many people are fast to take a look at …

Are these factors pulling you back from weight loss? [infographic]

Are you finding it difficult to get any results in your weight loss journey? Find out if any of these 8 factors are sabotaging your weight loss efforts today!

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5 Superfoods that should be in your diet

You may have heard of the term ‘superfood’ – it relates to foods which are found to have levels of nutrients higher than other foods.  Superfoods can be beneficial to your health as they may protect against some diseases and they may improve your overall health and wellbeing.  There are …