Lose weight with a diet plan as unique as you


Don't fall for the "one size fits" all diet trap

The reason most diets fail is that they take a “one size fits all” approach, which is still stuck in the dark ages. Research has found that your genetics, age, lifestyle, environment and health can impact how your body reacts to certain food combinations. And this explains how some diets work for some, and not for others.

When you join Fitium, your journey will start with a 5 minute online assessment which will enable us to understand your needs, and work out the right combination and quantity of foods you need to help your body burn body fat and lose weight naturally.

Get the benefit of your own personal trainer and nutritionist for a fraction of the cost, and from the comfort of your own home.


Get your very own diet plan designed for you

Your personalised diet plan will provide you with an easy to follow blueprint to help you tackle the root causes of your weight gain, and provide practical guidance to help you reach your ideal weight.

  • Take the guesswork away with a simple plan of action to follow
  • You'll know which foods to avoid and get tasty alternatives so you won't miss out/
  • Understand how many calories you really need to get to your ideal weight.
  • Identify the right amount of carbohydrates, protein,and fat your body needs
  • We'll help you target your stubborn fat zones based on your body shape.
  • As you get older, your metabolism slows down and you start losing muscle. Fitium adjusts your diet plan to help you stay healthy and lean no matter how old you are.
  • Your plan will also help identify whether emotional eating or environmental factors are contributing to your weight gain and help you tackle these head on.

Take away the guesswork of what to eat

Stop playing the nutrition lottery, and get easy to prepare meal plans designed to help you lose weight naturally.

  • Our meal planner takes the pain out of planning healthy meals by recommending breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner meals tailored to your exact diet needs.
  • Get tailored meal plan suggestions for every day of the week with easy to prepare recipes you can prepare in minutes.
  • Take away the guesswork of what to eat or which portion sizes to use: You can pick recommended meals on a day by day basis, or get the meal planner to create a 7 day plan for you
  • Say goodbye to expensive and tasteless diet foods, which leave you hungry and feeling drained at the end of the day. We focus on tasty, healthy and filling foods which will help your body lose weight naturally and boost your energy levels to help you feel great.
  • You can substitute any meal from a wide range of food options, as well as use your own recipes or store bought ready meals
  • The meal planner can also be used to log meals and keep track of important information such as your daily calorie count, macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein and fat), and keep within your diet plan's allowances.
  • You can also save your own recipes, and automatically see how many calories they have as well as their macronutrient profile. 

Work friendly meals for busy people

Need to eat on the move or at work? We feature a wide range of tasty lunchbox friendly meals you can prepare from home in minutes saving you time and money.

Once you have planned your meals, you can view, email or print a grocery list featuring all the ingredients and quantities you need in one place.

Access your meal plans wherever you with our one page view, email or print feature which lists meals, instructions, recipes, and ingredients needed to prepare all your meals for the day.

Look and feel great by feeding your body with tasty foods packed with nutrients and cutting down on fattening foods and chemicals found in processed ready made meals.

Save hundreds of pounds a month with our easy to prepare family friendly meal suggestions, some of which can be prepared in minutes. 


Get results from the first week

Unlike many diet, our goal is to target the causes of your weight gain problem, not just focus on the symptoms.

Chances are that the shape of your body, and your fitness level is the result of years, or even decades of small but effective bad habits.

To change at this stage is no small endeavor, so we decided to create an easy to follow program to help you identify factors that are sabotaging your efforts, and provide you with proven strategies designed to help you get noticeable results from the very first week.

When you sign up you get access to our 7 day weight loss accelerator course which takes advantage of the latest diet and nutrition research, in a step by step format which takes less than 30 minutes a day to complete.

At the end of the week, you'll understand why you've gained weight, and have a comprehensive blueprint backed by science to help you reach your ideal weight fast.


Stay on track and get support each step of the way

Making lifestyle and diet changes can be overwhelming. And staying motivated can be a frustrating especially when day to day life tends to gets in the way of your good intentions.

So based on our members’ feedback we have developed fun weekly coaching challenges to help keep your progress on track, and help you implement some of the most effective strategies to not only lose weight but look and feel great.

The idea is to start with small painless improvements, and to build on top of each success so that you can work smarter, not harder to get safe, and long lasting results (without having to resort to any gimmicks or short term strategies which will make your weight pile back on).


Tackle the real reasons you gain weight

Don't let your environment sabotage your weight loss by following our effective tried and tested strategies to help you deal with stress, social occasions, emotional eating, traveling, and day to day situations.

Our methodology is based on hundreds of research papers, clinical trials, and studies published by leading researchers in their field. If you are looking for the latest fad diet this is not for you!

Starting with your personalised diet plan, our 7 day accelerator course, and following through with our weekly coaching challenges you’ll have a complete blueprint to help you reach your diet goal fast, and improve your quality of life.


Monitor your progress and reach your diet goals

Studies have found that keeping a food diary can double weight loss. Similar results have been found for weight and activity tracking.

Our platform enables you to monitor your progress, track your activity and keep an eye on your health vitals:

  • Track your weight loss and BMI score so you can visualise your progress through time.
  • Become accountable and double your weight loss with our easy to use meal planner which doubles as a food diary too.
  • Track your day to day activity and exercises, so you can compare calories you eat and calories you burn day to day.
  • Get your friends and family involved by using our optional share progress feature, which lets you share your progress chart on Facebook, by email or on your favourite forums and blogs. 

Get expert advice & support

Would you like to get your own nutritionist, personal trainer and doctor sharing their expertise to help you get results fast?

We provide the next best thing! As a member you get access 24/7 to our library which features:

  • Practical nutrition, fitness and health guides created by our team
  • Video workouts tailored to you.
    Choose from 10 minute home workouts to specific goal oriented gym workouts
  • Ask our team for support in our Q&A sessions

Not just another fad diet...

Our methodology is based on hundreds of research papers, clinical trials, and studies published by leading researchers in their field. Check out some of the studies behind Fitium's effectiveness.

If you are looking for the latest fad diet this is not for you!

Our team consists of a certified nutritionist, certified personal trainer and practicing M.D.

As you can imagine, they have decades of experience helping others just like you.


Join the movement

Not only do we help you get in shape for that special occasion, but we make it easy and enjoyable to look and feel great.

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We are confident that you will love fitium, and if you are not 100% satisfied you are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee.