frequently asked questions

What is Fitium?

Fitium is an easy to use online system which helps you lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

With fitium, reaching your ideal weight is easy with:

  • A personalised diet plan based on your body’s requirements to maximise your weight loss
  • Tailored meal plans based on your diet plan, featuring tasty meals you can create from home, and exact serving sizes to support your weight loss goals
  • Our 7 day accelerator course to provide you with everything you need to get started fast, and ease you into your new lifestyle
  • Weekly coaching challenges developed by our team to help you stay on track and get ongoing improvements
  • A health dashboard to help you monitor your progress, and keep track of your physical activity
  • A food diary to help you track your meals, calorie intake and analyse key nutritional stats
  • Ongoing support from our expert team through hundreds of practical guides (with more added on a monthly basis) and Q&A sessions
  • Optional video workouts to workout at home

What kind of support can I expect?

We have three support mechanisms in place to help you progress:

  • Ongoing support from our expert team through hundreds of practical guides (with more added on a monthly basis)
  • Weekly coaching challenges (each week you can take part in a challenge, and let us know how you get along. These have been designed to provide you with ongoing progression, and help keep you motivated)
  • We also offer Q&A sessions where you can send in your questions to our mentor team

We are not a faceless corporation so feel free to get in touch.

Do I have to exercise?

Not necessarily. We estimate that changes in your diet are responsible for 70-80% of weight loss, so you can lose weight without having to do any workouts. But for best results, and to improve your overall health and fitness we also feature progressive workouts you can do from home, in as little as 10 minutes.

What if this isn’t for me?

If you don’t love using our system, we have a generous 30 day money back guarantee. Just let us know why you wish to leave and we’ll arrange a prompt refund (and try to do better next time!). In any case, do get in touch if you run into any issues as we are here to help.

How is fitium different from meal tracking tools, and food diaries?

Tracking foods can be time consuming, and only let you report on what you eat.

We take a completely different approach, and provide you with personalised meal plans tailored to your body’s needs, and your diet goals. This takes away the problem of what to eat, and which portion sizes to use.

How is fitium different from other online diets?

There are 3 main types of online diets out there:

  • One size fits all diets (where all customers follow the exact same diet and get the same diet plans)
  • Diet trackers (where you need to enter the foods you eat and see if it fits the diet plan they suggest which is very time consuming and doesn’t really tell you what to eat)
  • Personalised diets (where you get a personalised diet plan based on your body’s needs and diet goals)

The first two types of diets will only work for a small subset as they depend on all customers having the same weight gain problem, and genetics.

When it comes to personalised diets you would be surprised at how many are not really personalised…
For example many big diet corporations say they offer personalised diet plans, but actually let you pick from a list of plans, and just change the portion sizes to meet your daily calorie needs. In other words you are getting the same meal plans as everyone else!

Fitium is different and uses over 35 different data points to design a unique diet plan designed to help maximise natural weight loss.

Do you have work friendly meal options for lunch?

Yes, most of our lunch meal plans can be prepared in advance and taken to work in a lunch box. You can also easily log ready made meals, or foods bought at the shops if taking a pre-prepared meal is not an option.